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Drayton Parish Council is made up of 11 elected or co-opted councillors who are unpaid volunteers. A Parish Clerk is employed to support the work of the Council. A Village Caretaker works for the Council on a contract basis to maintain the common areas and footpaths, collect litter and keep the Council’s property (seats, bus shelters, dog bins, noticeboards and the like). A second contractor cuts the grass around the village in the summer months.

The Council manages and funds a range of activities including maintenance of Council-owned common land and playgrounds; management of the allotments, the burial ground and street furniture such as seating, bus shelters, litter and dog bins. It is the ‘Custodian Trustee’ for the Village Hall, but the Hall is managed by a separate Management Committee.

The Parish Council reviews and can comment on any planning applications affecting Drayton. It  coordinates with the Vale of White Horse District and Oxfordshire County Councils on issues that affect the parish and help deal with local issues raised by parishioners.

You are welcome to contact your Parish Councillors about any local issue of concern. Their contact details can be found on the Councillors page. You can also send the Parish Council a message from the website.

Use the menu on the left to find out more about the Parish Council and how it is active in our community.

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